Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yancey Book Free Today Only!

Kindle folks (sorry, didn't find it on Nook!) Philip Yancey title: The Question that Never Goes Away is free today only (9-11-13)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Trailers for Authors

Our ministry, Joy Media, has a new video arm: Joy Media Productions. We've begun offering custom video book trailers for authors and publishers. Unique options include original music tracks and concept/scripting/production services from a media-trained public relations producer.

Check out our sample production pieces on YouTube:,  and write for a price quote.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Caregiver Devotional: An excerpt from Comforting Words for Caregivers --...

Caregiver Devotional: An excerpt from Comforting Words for Caregivers --...: An excerpt from Comforting Words for Caregivers -- in honor of its official release today! Ordering Info Blessings and prayers, Julie ...

Blessings and prayers,Julie© 2012, Julie-Allyson Ieron. All rights reserved. For reprint permission, email:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Free Today: Wiersbe on 2 Corinthians

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 2 Corinthians

Warren Wiersbe's Bible study on 2 Corinthians is free on all the e-book outlets today from DC Cook publishing. Here's the general link for all the ebook providers:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calvin Miller's Final Title - Free on e-outlets Today

Free ebook from DC Cook Publishing today and tomorrow only:
Letters to a Young Pastor

Letters to a Young Pastor

Much has changed over Calvin Miller’s decades of pastoral ministry, but he believes two things remain the same: God is love and people are broken. Now God is calling young pastors to stand in that gap. And in this honest, warm and humorous series of letters, Miller shares his wisdom and experience so you can flourish in your future ministry—without ever wanting to resign on Monday.

Monday, June 10, 2013

As seen in the 2013 Christian Writers Market Guide

As you read your copy of The 2013 Christian Writers Market Guide, take a look at the listing for Joy Media under editorial services. Julie would love to have the privilege of working with you as one of her private client authors for manuscript editing, coaching, consulting, media training, publicity, and more. Here are highlights from the JMS entry, in case your copy isn't close at hand:
Christian Writer's Market Guide - 2013

Illinois, Joy Media Services. Julie-Allyson Ieron, Contact by email. Half of fee up front. Master’s Degree in Journalism and more than 25 years experience in Christian publishing, writing, editing, and public relations. Specializes in Christian Living, Bible study and business/ministry promotions. Coaches first-time authors. GH/CA/B/NL/SP/PP. Edits A/NB/BP/BS/GB/D. Charges $40/hr; negotiates for larger projects.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A fascination with Kafka’s Metamorphosis is one of the few memories I retained from World Lit 101. I have no idea why. Wait. Maybe I do. It’s not that its storyline could have inspired the tabloid teaser, Working man turns into beetle; news at 11. Actually, I think it’s because I love the word metamorphosis—and along with it the idea that some miraculous (even frightening) force can change me into something entirely different.
I muse about this today because my newest book, The GOD Interviews, initiated a metamorphosis in my writing approach. The book is a hybrid—half fiction and half my more typical genre: Christian Living/Bible Study. Until recently, I was comfy-cozy in my nonfiction niche. That is, until agent-friend Rachelle Gardner nudged me to envision an edgier way of packaging the old story. By planting that niggling notion in my little author mind, she helped me see it was time to take the risk of metamorphosing (yep, that’s the word for it).

What’s the Difference?
Not far into the writing process, I realized this isn’t such new territory. In journalism school I’d learned to tell nonfiction stories using a novelist’s tools:
  • drama
  • character development 
  • point of view
  • dialogue
  • narrative arc

Over the years, I recall a few times when I took up one of those tools as a hobbyist to craft a collection of research notes into a chapter I wanted readers to consider especially inspiring.
But this book’s foray into the imagination zone reminded me to build my writing muscle by using the novelist’s tools more regularly. I envisioned scenes and let them flow in a powerful arc. I conceived and grew characters who delighted, frightened, enraged and surprised me with their witty repartee. Even the nonfiction chapters that follow each fictional scene (perhaps especially those) benefited from my renewed emphasis on writing to captivate readers’ imaginations. They began to sparkle with newly infused, dramatic light.

A New Joy
I now know something my novelist friends have been reticent to share: the distinct joy of seeing figments of my imagination spring to life in readers’ minds. And, whether I’m writing fiction or nonfiction (or a hybrid), I’m redoubling my efforts to capture readers’ fancies. I challenge you to join me in metamorphosing into writers who make practiced use of the novelist’s toolbox to enthrall readers in a way plain, dry copy never could.

Learn about The GOD Interviews, read an excerpt, or purchase your autographed copy at

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Details on my upcoming WORDsearch Training series: How I Study the Word!

How I Study the Word 

With Julie-Allyson Ieron

In this four-session training course, Bible teacher and author Julie-Allyson Ieron shares with women how she uses the vast WORDsearch library to enhance her personal Bible study. From her example, you’ll glean principles and tips to enliven your own study. Her heartfelt, practical presentation will help you prepare to share what you discover in God’s Word with your family, your church, your community, and beyond. 

Session 1: Discovering what God’s Word really says
Session 2: Processing and confirming what we discover in the Word
Session 3: Ordering our discoveries to share with others
Session 4: Making our love for the Word contagious

Julie-Allyson Ieron (pronounced: I-RUN) recently celebrated 25 years in ministry by releasing The Julie-Allyson Ieron Bible Reference Collection on WORDsearch that features 9 of Julie’s books linked with 75 Bible reference resources.
As a longtime caregiver for her father (who passed away in early 2013), Julie is an advocate for caregiver encouragement. She’s thrilled about the upcoming release of her gift book of Bible-based devotions, Comforting Words for Caregivers … And Those They Love (Warner Press, Fall 2013).

Some of the WORDsearch resources to be referenced in each session: 

1: Praying Like Jesus, Julie-Allyson Ieron
Strong’s Greek and Hebrew
Easton’s and Smith’s Bible Dictionaries
Naves Topical Textbook
Scofield’s Study Notes
2: Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary
Pearls to Treasure, Julie-Allyson Ieron
Staying True in a World of Like, Julie-Allyson Ieron
3: Names of Women of the Bible—book and Bible study, Julie-Allyson Ieron 
4: Conquering the Time Factor—book and Bible study, Julie-Allyson Ieron 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Maundy Thursday … Many Years Ago …

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.
—EPHESIANS 1:17–19a

In most prayer meetings we make time for individuals to call out prayer requests. We collectively list off the needs of all who are ill and ask for something we call "traveling mercies" for those away on vacation. But have you ever attempted to give a request for something as nebulous as spiritual growth, your journey toward godliness, or a deeper understanding of God's presence?

I have. And most often those requests are met with blank stares.

Amid the recitation of illnesses and financial needs, these seem out of place, easily brushed aside and quickly forgotten. They are intangible, impractical by comparison to more immediate needs.

It seems to me that the people who are talking about deepening relationships with God and empowering the prayer life are the elite few who regularly embark on long-term spiritual pilgrimages and enjoy weeks of wordless contemplation during silent retreats in the wildernesses of God's creation.

But what of the rest of us—ordinary folk for whom a mere hour of silent contemplation is a luxury found only in the netherworld? Can we not go deeper in our communication with God? Or are we forever to drive up to the order window of heaven asking for a half order of God to go, please, and make it snappy?

A thousand times, no! Going deeper with God on a daily basis is not only possible, but eminently practical.

When Jesus allowed His followers to overhear His conversation with the Father immediately before His trip to the cross, He offered us a substance-filled example of the depth of relationship that prayer can offer between God and His children.

Additionally, because of its proximity to His trip to the cross, the prayer in John 17 reveals what was weighing most heavily on Jesus' mind at the world's most crucial moment. Jesus' words to His Father are intimate and passionate. In being privy to that communication, can we not learn more about communicating with the mind of our mysterious God?

What does God say to God?
That question has always fascinated me. So much so that when I looked for a Scripture to carry in my day planner every day during 1999, I prayerfully selected John 17, the passage that translators label "The High Priestly Prayer."

All year I read and reread that passage. I contemplated. I studied. I mused. Finally in desperation some time during November, I prayed. (You're thinking, Duh, what took you so long?) Only then did it begin to come alive. I began to breathe in a fresh breath—then gulp after gulp—of the fresh air of His love. And I caught a new vision into those areas of my communication with Him that He wants me to improve.

So, my first prayer in this area of my own spiritual need for growth was actually a request for insight. As the apostle Paul would put it, I prayed "that the eyes of [my] heart may be enlightened" (Ephesians 1:18).

Adapted by permission from Praying Like Jesus by Julie-Allyson Ieron. © 2001, 2010, Julie-Allyson Ieron. All rights reserved.

If you like what you’ve read here, there’s much more available … in Julie’s classic book, Praying Like Jesus: Discovering the Pattern of Godly Prayer. It’s available in ebook formats, MP3 audio (with Julie narrating), and paperback. Visit our catalog to get your copy today.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Warren Wiersbe Classic - Free ebook Today!

In Jesus in the Present Tense, Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe explores the “I AM” statements of God—from His burning bush conversation with Moses, to His powerful reassurances to the Israelites, to Jesus’s startling claim to be the Light of the World.

Free on Kindle today here.
Free on Nook today here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I've Been Away

As you may know or have heard from my FB updates, we've been through a truly sad time as Dad succumbed (after a valiant fight) to pancreatic cancer. The intensity of our caregiving responsibilities explains my absence from updating this page in recent months. In our family's time of grief, I now want to share with you what we've reaffirmed about the absolute faithfulness of God.

So, direct from my comments at Daddy's memorial service -- and excerpted from my upcoming devotional for caregivers, When Comfort Is What You Need -- check out this link to just a bit of what we've learned: Caregiver Devotional: While I've Been Away ...

*Excerpted by permission from When Comfort Is What You Need, Warner Press, 2013. Watch this site for info on ordering quantities of this gift book for your caregiving ministry and your personal encouragement.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leadership eBook Free this Week

DC Cook has put another classic n/f title on freebie ebook this week: Hans Finzel's The Top Ten Leadership Commands.

Here's what the publisher promises about it:

Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your business, your ministry, even your life.

As usual the download site is

Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Audio Book Download from Christian Audio

If you're new to audio books or just have a compelling interest in this topic, check out this freebie from Christian Audio. (Free at time of posting). Note, the audio is free; the eBook is discounted, but not free.

Here's what the publisher has to say about it.
Compelling Interest
by Roger Resler
read by Roger Resler & Various Guests
For 40 years since the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, the abortion debate has been highly charged and politicized. Questions like these—and passionate but widely varying answers—have become the common language of the public dialogue on this issue. Yet behind the scenes of this historic case are other intriguing questions. more
Instructions: Add the title to your cart and login to your christianaudio account to complete the checkout process. If you do not yet have an account, opening one is free! This free download is available in MP3, M4B, and One-Click Zip formats.
Also available in an eBook download:

Compelling Interest eBook Download

Discount Price:
Retail Price: $12.98

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Software on Sale ... for Your New Year's Resolution

For every believer who has made a resolution to dig deeper into God's Word this year -- and to be more consistent in personal devotions/Bible study -- we want to encourage your goals. So, for the first weeks of the new year, we've set a special sale price for the Julie-Allyson Ieron Bible Reference Collection CD-ROM. $40 -- that's 20% less than the retail price.

The CD will install on your Windows or Mac PC -- and it contains WordSearch 9.0 Bible software and a 75-volume Bible research library -- including seven Bible translations, 9 of Julie's books, 10 months worth of Bible studies you can do on your own or duplicate for use with your small group, and much more. Here's the list of all the great tools that are included.

WORDSearch 9.0

Julie’s Product
Praying Like Jesus, Updated 
Companion Bible Study Guide

Names of Women of the Bible, Updated 
Companion Bible Study Guide

Conquering the Time Factor, Updated
Companion Study Guide

Staying True in a World of Lies, Updated 
Companion Study Guide

Pearls to Treasure: Devotions, Articles, Stories

Bible in Basic English
Centenary Translation
Greek NT – Scrivener 1894
Young’s Literal Translation

Barnes’ Notes on the NT
Bible History: OT
Four-fold Gospel
Jamieson, Fausset Brown
Matthew Henry’s Concise
Romans Verse-by-Verse
People’s NT Commentary
Treasury of David

Daily Light on the Daily Path
Facts of the Matter
Morning and Evening
Waiting on God

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature
Easton's Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
King James Version Dictionary
Smith's Bible Dictionary

History and Culture
Complete Works of Josephus
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
New Testament History
Sketches of Jewish Social Life
The Life of Christ

Literature– Biography, Fiction, Prayer, Chr. Living
Jesus of Nazareth
The Life of Jesus Christ
In His Steps
Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained
Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer
How to Pray
Ministry of Intercession
Prayer Availeth Much
Prevailing Prayer
The Prayer Life
With Christ in the School of Prayer
Confessions of St Augustine
Imago Christi
Secret of Communion with God
Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life
God of All Comfort
Imitation of Christ
Practice of the Presence of God
The School of Obedience
Handbook of Personal Evangelism

Maps and Atlases
Bible Lands Map Set

Photographs and Art
Dore's Woodcuts
Photographs of Israel, the Holy Land

Sermon Helps
Bible Characters
Anecdotes, Incidents and Illustrations

Study Helps
Experiencing Pleasure and Profit from Bible Study
Explore Biblical Genealogies

Study Notes
Scofield’s Study Notes

The Early Creeds
Great Doctrines of the Bible
Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)

Nave’s Topics
New Topical Textbook
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Word Studies
Strong’s Concordance/Greek and Hebrew Dictionary

All of these volumes run from your computer, are fully searchable, interconnected, and ready for you to discover more about the Bible than you've ever thought possible. The WordSearch program is easy to run right away-- but full of great extras that you'll discover as you use it more.

Whether you're looking for personal study helps, Bible study prep, or even sermon planning ... this is your opportunity to get a huge package for a small investment.

Click here to go right to PayPal and place your order at the special sale price.