Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some free Bible studies online everyday

One of the publishers I work with regularly (I'm on deadline right now writing some curriculum for them!), has a site where they offer great Bible studies free, anytime you want them. Here's the link.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The GOD Interviews: The Ultimate God Interview

Thought you'd enjoy checking out today's entry in my The GOD Interviews blog:

The GOD Interviews: The Ultimate God Interview: As I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony from London last Friday night, I couldn't get one image out of my mind -- the sight of men and wo...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Source for those who love the Word

My pastor, Colin Smith, has tons of resources available online at his ministry page, Unlocking the Bible. Here's just one of may great links: http://www.unlockingthebible.org/power-in-the-blood-of-jesus-christ/ Include: "The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brennan Manning Book free on Kindle today

The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning

Imagine a stormy day at sea, your ship yielding to a relentless wind, pummeled by crashing waves, subject to the awesome force of nature. A force that is both fierce and majestic. A power that is nothing short of furious.
Such is God's intense, consuming love for His children. It's a love that knows no limits, and no boundaries. A love that will go to any lengths, and take any risks, to pursue us.
Renowned author and ragamuffin Brennan Manning presents a love story for the brokenhearted. For those who are burdened by heavy religion. For those who feel they can never measure up. It is a provocative and poignant look at the radical, no-holds-barred love of our Heavenly Father. It is a message that will forever change how you view God.

--info provided by publisher, David C Cook

Bateman Bible Reading Book FREE on Kindle

Deborah Bateman's Finding Your Identity in Christ (daily Bible reading book) is free on Kindle today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Free on Kindle today - from author Cheryl Moeller

My friend and colleague Cheryl Moeller (who, along with her husband Bob endorsed my upcoming book, The GOD Interviews) has two books free today on Kindle.

Do you feel like you have more piles than miles?
Then you need Help! Mom's Stuck on Spin Cycle
Review on Amazon: "I loved every moment of this too short gem. Finally, someone beside Erma Bombeck with a sense of humor about motherhood! Loved it and can't wait to read more by the author!" - Vannah

Another Freebie
Homeschool Your Preschooler on $1 a Day by Cheryl Moeller
Need a new surge of ideas to make it through the summer?
Over 100 free or nearly free ideas for your preschool or elementary children.
Cheryl, Dr. of fun, makes it easy and FREE for you to face August with a plan.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Place to List Your Christian-living Title

A guest post from my colleague and fellow author, John Riddle:

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of I Love To Write Day, John Riddle is creating a "Family Friendly Book and App Directory." Your book or App can be listed FOR FREE! The directory will be distributed to the more than 28,000 schools all across the U.S. that celebrate I Love To Write Day on Nov. 15. Paid listings are also available; you can post your book cover/graphic and up to 5 lines of copy. Contact John Riddle at johnriddle@sprintmail.com for more info. Visit www.ilovetowriteday.org and help spread the word about ILTWD.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kindle Giveaway: One of Ours!!

Today our featured free Kindle book is mine: Conquering the Time Factor: Second Edition with Study Guide. Free today through Monday only: http://www.amazon.com/Conquering-Factor-Updated-Study-ebook/dp/B003VD1E7G/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_11#

Here's a quick highlight:

Instead of allowing us to remain overwhelmed, this book offers to help us conquer. Conquering is so much better than remaining mired in the muck of overwhelmedness.

The best news is that the promise of helping us conquer isn't an idle, pie-in-the-sky wish. There are concrete, practical examples in these pages that really work in the real world—they've taught me to conquer most days, and they can do the same for you.
I can't tell you how many times readers have written or emailed me, quoting "chapter and verse" from this book—letting me know how its counsel has made all the difference in how much they can accomplish in a twenty-four hour day. For example, several months ago one reader posted the following comment on the guestbook of my website:

I have just re-read Conquering the Time Factor and can't believe how many of the Myths continue to grip me. Being overwhelmed is probably my most difficult "spiritual" issue. I suppose this is another area that God wants us to trust Him for daily. Thanks for being candid & honest, and for offering valid, biblical answers. You've really helped me. I keep this as a reference book! God bless you & your ministry.

Not only do comments like this hearten me, but they reinforce the value of a biblical model of time ordering that puts God's priorities where they belong—in the first place on our calendars or day planners. You, too, can conquer the overwhelming issue of time. ....

From the back cover:

Are 24 hours never quite enough for you?

If daily scheduling and balancing the lives of your family members and your work responsibilities and your church commitments and your community involvement is leaving you breathless and overwhelmed …

There is Hope! Right Here and Right Now!

In this newly updated and expanded edition of Conquering the Time Factor, author Julie-Allyson Ieron blasts the myths that are keeping you from making the most of the moments, hours, days, and years God has entrusted to you.

“Julie effectively blasts the myths that often govern our concept of time. Highly recommended.”
—Gayle Roper
Author of Autumn Dreams, Summer Shadows and Spring Rain

“Julie teaches you how to say no and what to say no to.”
—Jon Walker
Editor, Rick Warren’s Ministry ToolBox

“Conquering the Time Factor gives us the tools to create the white space in our lives—the space for reflection, for connecting with people and even for fun.”
—Wendy Lawton
Author of Courage to Run and Almost Home

“After just a few chapters, I found myself already operating more efficiently.”
—Andy Scheer
Managing Editor, Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild

Hope you enjoy. Please pass the info along to your friends and contacts. This is a great crossover book!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free today on Kindle -Bible Study on Ruth

The Book of Ruth by Deborah Bateman is free on Kindle today.

FREE Today, Tuesday 7/10/12
The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption
By Deborah H. Bateman
A Biblical Love Story

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free eBook from my pastor - Colin Smith

Free Gospel Coalition Booklet:
The Plan by Colin S. Smith

According to Unlocking the Bible Website:

This book examines God’s plan for fulfilling his promise. It was written by Pastor Colin Smith (of the Gospel Coalition and Unlocking the Bible) and edited by D.A. Carson and Tim Keller. The Plan is available in PDF format for free.

The different sections are:1. God Makes a Promise: The Story of the Old Testament2. Christ Fulfills the Promise: The Story of the Gospels3. The Church Communicates the Promise: The Story of Acts4. The Holy Spirit Delivers the Promise: The Story of the New Testament Letters

“Nothing you have ever done has taken God by surprise. Nothing that has happened to you has caught him unaware. Nothing you do and nothing that happens to you can stop God from fulfilling his plan or even slow him down…God knows exactly what he is doing. You can have confidence in knowing that the events of your life are not spinning our of control or settled by random chance but that they are in the hands of God.”