Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Week Special from Julie's Ministry

For the Mom who loves the Bible ...

The Julie-Allyson Ieron
Bible Reference Collection

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Price Mother’s Day week only: $40

A savings of $10
off regular price

Great for Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, Adult Bible Fellowship facilitators, Small Group
participants, and every Bible-loving believer.

Equip your mom to dig into the Word for herself with this dynamic, 21st-century Bible study package assembled by author and Bible study teacher Julie-Allyson Ieron. The CD-ROM includes 75 books:

• 7 translations (ESV, KJV ++)
• 8 Bible commentaries
• 5 Bible dictionaries
• Strong’s Greek & Hebrew
• 45 reference books: maps, photos, sermon helps, study notes, topical studies, devotionals, and more

The disk also includes the powerful WORDsearch 9.0.  and
9 of Julie’s Bible-based books and studies:

Praying Like Jesus
Names of Women of the Bible
Staying True in a World of Lies
Conquering the Time Factor
Pearls to Treasure (new for the collection)

10 months of
Bible Studies (Group or Individual)
• Praying Like Jesus
• Names of Women of the Bible
• Staying True in a World of Lies
• Conquering the Time Factor

What Do Users Think?

Julie Allyson Ieron's Bible Reference Collection is a must-have tool for a Christian writer's research. I don't have to have six books open on my desk. All I need is to open the Bible Reference Collection on my computer desktop. The tools are easy to learn and use. Multiple Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and Bible studies are available at my fingertips. I can highlight, bookmark or take notes within the program. One of the great helps in the collection is that the Bible verses, reference books and Bible studies are interlinked by topic or verse. I have this collection on my PC for home study and on my laptop for when I travel. I no longer have to pack boxes of research books to take with me.

Sue Tornai, California
Curriculum Writer/Conference Speaker

All 75 volumes are interconnected, cross-referenced, and keyed into Bible translations when installed on a PC or Mac. Search topics, read reference books on screen, print passages, use the Bible study questions to teach, and much more.